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In Clover Marketing was established to offer both suppliers and distributors hands on customer service for a low-risk affordable price. Many companies and product owners either do not have the understanding or the know-how of international marketing and distribution and need to work with someone they can trust.

Our business model is simple – when we sell a product, we make money. This means your success is tied to our success so before we decide if a product is right for our network, we engage in due diligence with our key market leaders and knowledge. Our distributors are essential to our success and we strive to bring successful campaigns to them. That is why we are selective about what products we sell.

In Clover serves an outsourced arm to companies that want to secure and expand their product distribution outside of the US marketplace but do not have the time or resources to dedicate to international efforts. We realize suppliers have a choice when it comes to international distribution. Our team is comprised of various nationalities and experts that understand cultural nuances, language and government issues and of course the key to success – adapting US DRTV success and bringing that to international markets. We do this in a very hands on way.

Our range of product expertise varies across all product categories including fitness, beauty, fashion accessories, kitchen/household and health related items. In Clover’s marketing team is able to work with suppliers to modify creative, artwork and do complete Spanish translation, voice over and production work in-house.

We pride ourselves on our long term relationships and maintain a boutique style of service that is beneficial to our suppliers and our distributors.

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