Criteria for International Success
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Criteria for International Success

  1. Having a successful US sales story is a good starting point. Foreign marketers look to the US marketing history to evaluate how they might duplicate efforts. In direct to consumer channels, usually the advertising vehicle - preferably DRTV - is the driving criteria to determine local response. However, in some cases, even if the US campaign was a not a big success story, international demand may be warranted because of the category or needed supply.

  2. Product effectiveness - foreign marketers take great care in selecting products that do what they promise. Products that have clinical support or are made with class A materials, have a good chance of gaining international acceptance over their less than superior competitors.

  3. Economics - while the advertising may work and the product may be best in its class, the economics must be feasible for all parties - especially the foreign distributors. They take most of the risk and have the burden of duties, international freight costs and adapting the product for their local market - and, most importantly purchasing product in US dollars and then selling it in local currency. Traditionally, to make the risk worthwhile, foreign marketers require anywhere from 5-7x mark-up from the RRP (recommended retail price in the US).

  4. Legal and advertising clearance - before any transactions take place, it's critical to assess whether a product can be legally imported or sold in a particular country. Additionally, classifying a product's foreign importation status relative to import duties is really key. Due to trade protectionism, a country might have a supplement tariff tax on a particular good or country which can drive the taxation of a product beyond feasibility.

  5. Work with a partner that shares your vision - international distribution requires a close working relationship with your sales representative and you. In Clover Marketing is committed to top level customer service and keeping our clients in the loop on all fronts. We are successful because we only sell products we believe in and that we believe can be successful outside the US.

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